Financing your acquisition

A mortgage is often a mandatory step in becoming a homeowner. How does it work?

Required equity capital

20% equity (of which at least 10% must be a personal contribution other than your 2nd pillar) is generally required

Annual income requirement

Approximately 33% of your gross annual income can be allocated to the monthly loan payments

Rate options

3 rate options: a secure option (fixed rate), a variable option that adjusts to market conditions over a fixed term (Libor rate), and a blended option (combination of fixed and Libor rate)

What mortgage financing does not allow

Mortgages are limited to financing the acquisition of a property (purchase price of the property*). Property costs (tax, notary fees, land registry, etc.) cannot be financed by the loan

Documents required to submit a mortgage request

A number of documents will be requested by your finance broker or bank:

  • An ID card or passport (front and back) and a copy

  • B or C licence (front and back) and a copy

  • A family certificate (if separation of property, the marriage contract)

  • Last LPP certificate

  • Last complete tax declaration

  • Last salary slip (with transcripts of bonuses for the last 3 years, or last 3 balance sheets if self-employed)

  • Proof of other income, if applicable

  • Current leasing contracts and/or credits

  • Extract from the Office des Poursuites (not older than 3 months)

  • Plans of the property with detailed description; surface, number of rooms, year of construction, etc.

  • If you are buying a flat, you must provide the PPE distribution booklet

  • In some cases, certain financial institutions will ask for other supporting documents, but preparing the documents listed above will put you in the best position.

How to save time and avoid disappointment

Taking these steps with finance brokers or a bank, before you start looking for a property, allows you to accurately assess your maximum purchasing capacity.

This will speed up and facilitate the acquisition process once your property has been identified, and increase the chances that your offer will be accepted first in the case of several purchase proposals presented to the seller at the same time

At INNOVIMMO, we put our experience and our network at your service, by communicating to you in our offers and brochures, the minimum financial requirements for each property, and, if you wish, by putting you in touch with the establishments offering the best financing conditions


1) Innovimmo SA is a real estate agency and does not offer financing brokerage services.

2) We are here to assist you, advise you and direct you to the most suitable partner for your situation.

*The brokerage commission, included in the sale price, is payable by the seller.